Ways To Save Money

Five ways to save money

A lot of people want to save money, the big deal is that they know that they need to save money, they can’t just come around to doing it. It is true that saving money can be hard, anything that has to do with delayed gratification is usually hard. While this post does not promise you that saving money will be easy, here are five ways you can save money:

Stop carrying credit cards

If you are looking to save money, one of the principal ways of doing it is to stop carrying your credit card. When you leave the house with just enough cash for what you want to shop for, that means you can cut out a lot of impulse buying and that way you can save money. It will interest you to know that you engage in a lot of impulse buying because you can easily pay off with your credit card. Plus, it is actually hard for you to overspend with real money than you would with plastic.

Wait it out

So you find something you really like and you want to get it at all cost. You don’t even mind if it goes against your plan to save money, here is a strategy that can work out for you. For 30 days promise yourself not to make a single big-ticket purchase without waiting for one whole week. When you walk into the store and you find a fashion article you really like, look at it and take a mental note but do not purchase it. Come back after a week and if you think you still seriously need the item, you can go ahead and buy it. The strategy simply proves that a lot of what we see as needs do not really count. Once we have enough time to turn it over in our mind, we find out that the items are not really so necessary.

Get like minded friends

Your friends are very important when it comes to saving, if you really want to get your saving goals up and running, it is best you do it with like minded friends. In many cultures of the world, saving is a group activity. Even if your friends will not save money alongside you, they can always serve as your accountability partner. This can also reduce your pressure to spend since they are aware of the fact  that you are saving.

Ask for a discount

There are a lot of products that have massive discounts on them, all you have to do is look in the right places. You could go bazaar shopping to reduce the cost you would have incurred on the same quality or quantity of material or item.

Have a target

It’s hard to save money for saving sake, there must be a reason why you are saving. The moment you don’t have a reason why you are saving, you risk running out of motivation and before long, you will be back to your lavish ways. Get a target and stay motivated. Don’t stop saving, it’s worth it!