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The Best Jeep Salvage Yards in the USA

Jeep Salvage Yards – It is understandable that when you want to buy a used vehicle you may be tempted to call at a junkyard, possibly looking for the best deal. That’s what most people would do.This is because junkyards make it less stressful and quick to dispose of a junk car that would take light-years to sell. Even though the jeep may have a major engine problem and kind of rusty, you can still make some few bucks from it. Except your jeep is total junk, there really is no reason why you should bother opting for a deal in a Junkyard. In America alone, there are tons of Jeep salvage yards that are ready to make the best deals with you. Below are some of the best jeep salvaged yards.

County Line Auto Parts

This is one of the top recycling yards in the United States. They are working round the clock with all the possible efforts to meet the demands of their customers across the world.High -quality auto parts and at a pretty fair rate is what the industry provides. Quick delivery and the best of customer service is what potential customers long for along other things; this industry is equal to this task. As soon as one contacts them and gives the details of their choice, this industry will affect it within the shortest time possible. This industry is also one of the members of the team group PRP which is a group of 108 professionals that are involved in the recycling of automotive materials with the use of “best business practice” and are ARA certified with Gold URG/Seal 8000. The distribution network is controlled by the company. Within 48 hours,parts from partner yards are available.

Wayne Automobile Salvage

In this automobile salvage yard, they are specialists in the top-notch used parts that are majorly for the latest cars, vans, trucks as well as SUVs from the foreign and domestic world. Beginning from the low distance second hand engines, rear ends, transmissions, mechanical parts, and also insurance quality automobile parts, used tires, interior, wheels, and lots of other automobile fittings.

They provide a sizable in-stock list likewise lists from many of their partner yards salvage. One can browse their choice online and make an order which will be delivered in any place of their choice. Buying their automobile parts means going for high quality and prolonged use products with a warranty, as they are always in with full confidence to their customers. In Wayne’s automobile salvage yard, they always make sure that lots of processes are undergone, and any part of being released for sale is thoroughly checked. In a few situations that replacement is required by their clients, they are the best when talking about warranty.

Though producing and providing high-quality second hand parts is what this place is known for along time now, disassembling as well as selling of second hand parts is another section of the auto recycling process. Anyone with worn-out, junk, salvage, or even unwanted car, van, truck, or SUV for sale can have pretty good cash from them as they are one of those that pay more. They buy worn-out manage old models or even newer ones for sale, and they also buy older vehicles to extract their scrap metals.


Having acquired an experience of twenty years plus in the field of the auto industry, Michael comes with their center to bridge the gap that has existed between the new cars and the scraps.TNT Automobile parts is a trusted and an outstanding center where the required 100 percent satisfaction for the customer is guaranteed. Because of their extensive experience of the owner of this center and his committed staff, they provide an excellent service to maximize one’s saving may go beyond your expectations.

With varieties of choice on the foreign as well as the domestic automobile parts providing their client with what they really want. It is irrespective whether one is having an automobile repair facility, a body shop, or even the one that most do their repair by themselves, TNT is there to give them more than expected. They also provide a national service for car parts locations together with standard replacement.

They have one of the most trusted warranty out there, as in each of their parts,they provide a six months warranty. Also, they provide extended warranties between one to three years in labor and parts. As simple as picking a phone, one can order from TNT because of their standard transport network with the aid of their delivery trucks.

American Automobile Salvage

From 1935, the American automobile salvage yards have been in existence to provide for their clients the revered of the parts at a customer-friendly price and with the delivery at the shortest possible time. It is fast, safe, accurate, and cheap!

This auto salvage yard has a family origin and has been putting in all the required effort to give their clients nothing but the best. They will be at one’s expectation if ordered from them.

There are at their disposal all the parts required at all times and only waiting for order to ship it to their customer wherever they are. After market bumpers and a sheet of metal are also provided by their team to ensure that they satisfy their clients in all their needs for substitutes.

Their transmissions and engines are cleaned, tested, and ready for work at all times. And they are all in for a labor warranty which is an outstanding selling tool for the parts as far as professionals are concern and the best deal as far as the customer is concerned.

For quality service, all their parts are inspected and are cleaned, this is how their reputation has been long ago, and they still maintain it. With all these efforts to provide 100 percent satisfaction, they are also careful of the environment.

Whatever the part you are in need, they are available there irrespective of the size, the model, Jeeps, SUV, trucks, and anything, American automobile salvage will be the best place to shop for everything. They provide the solution to all the car problems in the desired ways.

All American Automobile Salvage

For over thirty years, this car yard has been the best to go as far as jeep salvage yards are concerned. It is located in New Jersey and offers second hand automobile parts for a low price. Right from inception, this yard has made it simple for people to restore their jeeps with the aid of their high quality parts. Also, automobile repair technicians that need some parts to fix SUVs or specific trucks have been using this yard for a good result.

They use a program called quality control to inspect all the parts before releasing them to sell. One hundred percent satisfaction is their target, and lots have made it clear that it has been perfect. Anyone buying from them should expect the best because of their reputation.

jeep salvaged yards


As someone who wants to make some cool cash from a junk jeep, it is only natural that you’ll be searching for the best deals. Our list captures some of the best jeep salvage yards in the States where you can dispose of your jeep. So feel free to reach out to any of them and make some cool cash.