Save Money

Tips To Save Money On Gas

Save Money

Save Money – Summer is here. It is the time for having fun and meeting different friends. You are ready to make different plans this summer. But don’t forget that most of the plans will not be possible without your car and the car tank needs to be filled. The gasoline and petrol prices are going high and it has become difficult for an average earning person to bear the expenses. You can’t stop using the car because it’s a necessity. But there are some ways you can save money you spend on gasoline and petrol. These tricks are easy to follow and very helpful.

Use your car Air-conditioned wisely:

It’s summer time so it is too hot outside. AC is a must but you can manage the timing to save money on gas. AC consumes a lot of gas and there are ways you can save money by avoiding some of its use. It depends on the weather outside and your speed. If you feel that there is cool breeze blowing and you’re not driving above 45mph then it’s better to roll down the window and stop the AC. But when you’re driving very fast (don’t drive too fast unless it’s urgent and you’re a pro-driver) then it’s not convenient to roll down the window. You can turn the AC on in that condition.

Avoid excess idling:

When you put your car in an idle situation that is completely needless, it just costs you money and nothing else. Excess idling just hurts your wallet. 10 minutes of excess idling is equal to 5 miles of drive. It means you are wasting your 5-mile drive just by standing idly for 10 minutes. Sometimes you need to stand idly like you need to stand in the drive-through line at McDonald’s. In that situation, you can turn your car off and then restart it again. Or you can just park it and go inside and take your meal.

Petrol pumps apps:

When you’re running low on gas and you need it immediately you search for a petrol pump. If you’re driving in an area you’re familiar with then you easily find a pump but what about an area you’re not familiar with. You waste a lot of gas on just finding out the pump. There is a solution to this problem. You can download some apps that tell you the location of the petrol pump near you. Some of these apps also give you an opportunity to get discounts by using the app. So using apps is definitely a better option.

Lose some weight:

I’m not talking about losing your weight but some extra useless weight on your car. In order to improve the fuel’s efficiency make the vehicle as light as possible. Loading causes the car to take extra fuel. You can clean out your cargo area, trunk and whatever that is totally not needed. According to EPA, every 100 pounds in your car reduces fuel efficiency by 1% to 2% overall.

Drive sanely:

An insane drive will give you nothing but it may cost you your life and money. Your fuel is directly proportional to the stress applied on your car’s accelerator. An aggressive driving is costly. According to the EPA, it can lower the mileage on the highway by 33% and in the town by 5%. Sensible driving is safer for you and others and it also saves money.